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Welcome to Scandinavian Gallery Antiques!

What would life be without art?


Antiques, art and design has influenced and affected us as human beings from almost the

beginning of time and has become a large extent of our history, but also a part of our

present time and for sure a part of our future.


Old times design and beauty ideals, which we can have a look at today in different kinds of

objects having been created through marvellous performance of handicrafts. These objects

are through times still as hot as ever and are coming back in todays modern designs.


Today, in a stressed world and having high performance demands, it is very important to

make your own inspiring, beautiful and harmonic atmosphere at home and at work. We at Scandinavian Gallery Antiques are happy to offer you the opportunity to find beautiful and high

quality objects to create “the right feeling”.


Welcome to visit our website and most of all welcome to our  Gallery to botanize in our

product mix. 



Scandinavian Gallery Antiques!






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